M. Claude P. Muller

  • Athénée du Luxembourg

Studies (Internal Medicine, Chemistry):

  • Centre Universitaire; Universität Köln; Weizmann Institute, Rehovot, Israel,National Institute of Health, Bethesda, USA; University Hospital Tübingen.


  • Tübingen, Saarbrücken,Trier, Ibadan Nigeria.
  • National: Luxembourg Institute of Health, Laboratoire National de Santé.

Senior positions

  • International: WHO Regional Reference Centre for Measles and Rubella responsible for 24 European countries and New Independent States; WHO Collaborating Centre, Pasteur Institute Laos, Member WHO Regional Verification Commission Middle East & Northern Africa.
  • Research activities in Virology, Immunology, Molecular Biology: epidemiology, public health, outbreak control of viral and vaccine preventable diseases (Sub-Saharan Africa, Central/Southeast Asia, Europe).
  • Scientific Advisor to WHO, UNDP, Word Bank, EU a.o. 
  • Teaching/training and capacity building of laboratory and public health staff in most of the above countries.
  • Other interests/activities: Funding member of TRANSFAIR Germany and TRANSFAIR International, which was to become Fairtrade International.
    School & education: past member of sub-commission “Education” of the Conseil National pour Etrangers, Conseil d´Education, Athenée;  CSSD-Education Sub-commission.         


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